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Pets that pass over the Rainbow Bridge are always missed but, they are never far from us.  They will forever remain in our hearts and I truly believe they are walking along side of us.

Troy was one of the sweetest Pugs I have ever met. He left us way to early and is dearly missed by everyone who knew this boy!

Fruitloop was a an energetic dog who entertained me while he was at the shop. He was a pleasure to groom!

Fruitloop and Truman

Troy Phillips

The Rainbow Bridge

VaLa Martice

One on One Service

We don't crate pets!

Pooch Palace's Mission is to have every pet be safe, comfortable, loved and well cared for while enjoying their time at the Spa. After you drop off your pet for their personal time here, they are treated as part of our family until your return. This is a ONE PERSON shop so your pet gets to know their groomer well and the groomer gets to know your pet.
 A Pets second line of defense for well being is the time spent with their groomer who touches every part of your pet and makes notations regarding any changes noticed, ear odors, swollen anal glands, warts, skin conditions, lumps etc..... A pet spends more time a year with their groomer than with their veterinarian.  Please choose the right groomer!